The contemporary conductor

Ingar BergbyIngar Bergby is known for his ability to create a warm sound image of contemporary music.

His long-standing collaboration with Arne Nordheim gave great inspiration to the design of contemporary music. Bergby works according to Nordheim's motto "and everything will sing!"

Through his involvement in the contemporary music ensemble BIT20 from 1991 to 2002, Bergby stood behind numerous recordings and performances. Together they performed at the Agora Festival at the IRCAM Center in Paris, the Barbican Center in London, the Music Festival in Bremen, the Musica festival Strasbourg, the Ultima Festival and the Bergen International Festival.

Bergby is well acquainted with the modern repertoire, and constantly works with newly written music.


  • Magic Island, a recording with Arne Nordheim's chamber music and ensemble work. This is the best-selling record of Norwegian contemporary music, and has been important for the understanding of Arne Nordheim's importance in our music history.
  • Together with the Gothenburg Symphony, he did the orchestral production Strange News by Rolf Wallin. The work is about the use of child soldiers in Africa, and received very good reviews and international attention.

The contemporary conductor

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